How To - Online Timesheets

How to complete our Online Timesheets

Signing-in and entering hours

  1. Open a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer/Edge, Safari etc) and navigate to
  1. Login using the Email address you’ve previously registered with Switch Payroll.
  1. Enter your password (from the auto-generated activation Email sent to your Email address), or click the “Forgot my password” link and follow the prompts to reset your password.
  1. Once signed-into our portal, click on the “Timesheets” link from the Left Menu.
  1. Select the appropriate period-ending type (eg Weekly or Fortnightly) and then choose the most appropriate period-end date.

(Note: Typically this period-end-date will be the Sunday at the end of the week that you’re completing hours for)

  1. Either enter your Hours (start and end time), including Breaks and Location for each day in the grid, noting the date on the left-most column of the row you’re completing.

Click the blue pencil on the far-right of the row you’re completing, to enter the day’s hours (etc) via a pop-up.

  1. Remember to press the “Save” button once you’ve finished your entries.


Once your timesheets have been saved, if approvals are required, your manager/approver will NOT be sent any automated Emails (as this could become rather spammy). Rather, they must be notified by yourself, manually (verbally, Email etc), that your timesheets are ready for approval.


  • If approvers do not approve your timesheets in a timely manner, your pay may be delayed.
  • Switch Payroll cannot chase approvals on your behalf.
  • Approvers may log into our portal and set-themselves-up with periodic reminders (ie Email notifications) to sign-in and approve timesheets, however these notifications cannot be set to trigger as soon as timesheets are completed – hence the requirement to manually

Note: Our very own online timesheets are NOT a requirement. We are more than happy to accept a CC’d copy/screenshot of your existing (client/agency) timesheets :0)