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What’s the cost?

Our fees are a competitive 1.75%, for our ‘Pay-Upon-Payment’ option.
We also offer a ‘Weekly In-Advance’ plan for an all-inclusive fee of 2.50%.

Refer a friend and receive a 0.25% discount for each successful referral!

If you choose to kindly refer a friend to our services, once they’ve received their first payslip, we are pleased to offer you an ongoing 0.25% discount while they remain with Switch Payroll. Receive additional discounts for each contractor referred. Your fee could be as low as 0.25%! Note, discounts do not continue if your referred colleague ceases using our services.

What is my pay cycle?

Using our basic pay option, Switch will pay you immediately upon receipt of payment by your recruitment agency. This is our Pay-Upon-Payment model – effectively ‘following’ your recruiter’s pay cycle. Our fee for this option is 1.75% of your gross pay.

For a more-regular, Weekly or Fortnightly option, we can pay you in-advance of receiving funds from your recruiter or client, for an all inclusive fee of 2.50%.

Mobile App Available

Switch Payroll provides a self-service Mobile App for timesheets-entry, account management and various other super-useful features!

Need to split payments to more than one account?

Switch Payroll’s payroll system allows you to easily split your net payments to various bank accounts (based on $ or %), if you so desire.


We cover Professional Indemnity ($20M) & Public Liability ($20M) as part of our comprehensive service. Switch Payroll also partners with a leading Private Health Insurance provider to offer discounted rates for our contractors.

Weekly Superannuation

We pay Superannuation, to our clearing house, within 7 days of the respective payslip. That is, Switch Payroll pays Super weekly!

Continuity of employment

Choose Switch Payroll as your payroll services provider and you can rest assured, for any role you undertake, you will remain a full-time employee of Switch Payroll, which is extremely favourable for financial profiling reasons – securing a home loan, for example.

Salary Sacrificing & Packaging

We offer Salary Sacrificing of additional Superannuation; business-related purchases, such as mobile handsets, laptops or tablets; professional memberships; or educational courses specific to your line of work. We can also salary sacrifice certain business related expenses, such as phone/internet bills. There is no additional fee to salary sacrifice. Please ask us for more information on salary sacrificing for your specific needs.

Novated Vehicle Leasing

Interested in a new vehicle? Do you wish to take advantage of a tax-effective Novated Lease? We partner with one of Australia’s leading Novated Leasing providers and charge no extra to facilitate pre and post tax deductions for your brand new (or 2nd hand) car.

Already have a Novated Lease in place? No problem! Get in touch with us today and we’ll arrange everything with your company of choice. Or, alternatively, you may opt to transfer / refinance your existing lease to our preferred provider.

Financial Advice & Accounting

Talk to Switch today about our comprehensive network of partners, whom we can refer you to, should you wish to discuss financial advice or accounting and tax.

Mortgages & Investments

Regardless of whether you require $100,000, $1,000,000 or $5 million for your home, refinance or investment property, Fortis Mortgages manage the entire borrowing process for you, from start to finish, by fully assessing your individual situation and providing a tailored finance solution to meet your particular needs. Quite simply, Fortis does everything necessary to get your application over the line, on the best possible rate.

Fortis’ personal service has resulted in a loyal clientele of repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals, which is the primary means by which Fortis has built their brand.

Contact Fortis today for your free consultation!

Living Away From Home Allowance

Switch Payroll supports LAFHA, for all approved contractors, at no extra cost. Already switched? Use this form to apply for LAFHA.


Continue using your existing timesheets, or ask us today about our integrated online timesheets.

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