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About Switch

Tim Fox
CFO & Co-founder

Tim has over 12-years’ experience in payroll, specifically in Outsourced Payroll and Payroll within the Recruitment Industry. Tim also has extensive experience in Customer Service & Hospitality. He has a belief that the accuracy demanded by the nature of payroll shouldn’t come at the expense of exceptional service – as only with both may you maximise customer experience. At Switch Payroll Tim Fox strives to provide outstanding customer service and confidence that your pay is in the hands of professionals.



Tim Munk
CEO & Co-founder

Tim has extensive experience in IT contracting, having been a .NET developer himself, a few years back. Tim understands the demand of high-quality customer service and believes that a results-based experience wins every time. Tim lives by the philosophy that relationships are the key to any successful business and continues to uphold this mantra at Switch Payroll.



Marc Jones
National Business Development Manager

Marc Jones is an experienced Consultant with 10+ years of experience in sales and account management.

Marc is a keen networker with a passion for developing long-lasting and beneficial relationships. Marc’s portfolio of clients have included some of the largest businesses in Australia and he has worked with companies all the way down to SMBs. His background has given him the ability to communicate at all levels of an organisation and to develop strong and beneficial relationships with business leaders.


Switch Payroll is wholly owned by Tim Munk & Tim Fox. We operate under a single company structure with one ABN. We do not have business interests in any subsidiary or parent entities. We maintain a legitimate business with utmost honesty and faithful attention to tax laws & accounting practices.